Good Paws Good Cause

Sunday, October 14, 2018


The crisp autumn air and cool breezes are here!  A wonderful time to celebrate a new season with new ideas fur you!

Fur Shelters:
It’s Hallo”weenie” time!  And, a “purr”fect time of year for shelters to offer some fun events and promotions that will promote pet adoption and get everyone into the holiday “spirit”.  Here is a great fundraiser that doesn’t take a lot of planning or time.  You just need your volunteers and supporters to help. Almost every community (neighborhood, shopping mall or business) hosts a Halloween parade or Trick-Or-Treat night for children.  Why not include animals in need?  Ask your volunteers to approach their neighborhood or local business hosting the area’s Trick-Or-Treat night to support your shelter by including monetary donations or supplies (provide a needs list) during the passing out of candy and treats to the kids.  It is a great way to promote your shelter and get some much needed donations and supplies!

Fur Cancer Organizations:
October has become synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness, and awareness walks for a number of cancer organizations take place in October.  Make the canine connection and include dogs in your annual awareness walk!  Pets are wonderful caregivers and a part of the family!  For an extra registration fee for dogs, you’ll get a few extra donation dollars and pet owners will be thrilled to have the chance to bring their best buddy along!  And, if the facility where your walk doesn’t allow dogs, think about a “virtual” dog walk!  For the same extra registration fee, participants can upload a photo of their dog to be posted the day of the walk.  Hold a contest for the “cutest” dog and award prizes!

Fur Earth Conservation Organizations:
Autumn is nature at its finest!  In many parts of the country, the leaves are changing colors and the fall harvest brings great produce and abundance.  Why not host a Harvest Table event?  Choose a park facility that has pavilions available and invite the public to an outdoor culinary feast!  This is sort of like a spaghetti dinner, but with fresh vegetables, farmer market finds, homemade baked goods, organic and natural selections…and healthy, wholesome dog snacks of course.  It is a great idea to share the earth’s bounty with the community and showcase local farmers and businesses.  Set your ticket price per family, so everyone (including the family dog) can come then; watch the donations fall into place!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Dog Days of Summer

It’s August – which means hot weather for most of us.  I recently found this explanation of why they call August the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER…(from 

The “dog days of summer” is a phrase that actually refers to the middle and most scorching part of the hot summer season.

Originating from the star, Sirius, which is the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius is the alpha star in the constellation Canis Major. Canis Major translates to “Big Dog”… thus Sirius warrants its nickname, the “Dog Star".  Sirius has been linked with a celestial dog since the beginning of the classical world.

In Greek times, Canis Major was referred to as “the guard dog of Orion”, as it constantly shadowed on the heels of its leader, positioned on its hind legs, carrying Sirius tightly in its jaws. Many believed the dog star appeared to be a leader, and even a hunter.

The “dog days of summer” were designated by the first day that the ancient Romans saw the Dog Star (Sirius) join the sun in the daytime sky, lasting visibly throughout the rest of the day and throughout the nighttime sky. The Romans would see the Dog Star beginning on August 4 and it would last visibly through September 12.

The Dog Days of Summer can provide fun “end of the season” fundraisers FUR your good cause:



Hold a Hot Diggity Dog Reunion!  Invite everyone that has adopted a pet from your shelter to join you for an Open House.  Give tours of your facility, showcase dogs and cats that are in need of a home, provide information on upcoming events and fundraisers, solicit volunteers. Be sure to have the hot dogs on the grill and sell, sell, sell for a quick event that is easy to plan and execute.



Have a Dog Days of Summer Ice Cream Social.  Invite folks out for a sweet night out at the movies with a spin – they can bring the dog along!  Partner with a local park and for a $5 per person admission fee, seeing a movie with your best four-footed friend and enjoying some cool ice cream is a real treat and an easy way to raise money FUR your good cause!


Work with a local high school, museum or planetarium and plan a Search for Sirius – the Dog Star!  Star gazing during the last days of summer can be fascinating. Ask a local expert to host a lecture and star-gazing session. For a small entry or registration fee, folks can come out and learn about the stars and help find the Dog Star – all FUR THE EARTH and your “green” cause!