Good Paws Good Cause

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Miniature Golf Day!

Miniature Golf Day is celebrated on the 21st of September.  We never knew about this whacky holiday, but it gave Good Paws a great idea…hope you like it!

There are TONS of charity golf events out there, but you never really hear about any miniature golf tournaments or events.  Kids love miniature golf and it is a sport for kids of ALL ages!  So, why not host a miniature golf fundraiser FUR your organization?

Contact a local miniature golf course and come up with a price per round or discounted fee for use of the golf course.  Then, solicit foursomes just like a regular golf outing.  Put a few great prizes together and start selling tickets.  Before you know it, you will have a unique and fun event that families will love!  And, don’t forget the ice cream!  If there isn’t a concession stand at the mini golf facility, consider asking an ice cream food truck to join your efforts.

Golf and ice cream!  Sounds like a hole in one to us!  FORE!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

National Friendship Week!

Did you know National Friendship Week is always celebrated the third week of August?  What a great theme to use for awareness events and fundraisers…here are a few ideas:


Everyone knows a dog is man’s best friend and cats sit right beside them!  Celebrate the friendship animals bring to our lives with an Open House at your shelter, office building or local community park.  Have fun planning what you will serve!  Two obvious choices: hotdogs and “cat”chup!   Arrange “meet and greets” with animals that are looking for their forever home and have adoption day specials and giveaways. 


Many friendships are formed through hardships.  Celebrate National Friendship Week by hosting a Friendship Feast!  This “pot” luck dinner, lunch or even brunch will solidify the bonds of friendship and allow cancer patients to thank and celebrate their friends, and it will give both patient and friend a beautiful way to remind each other that no one has to face cancer alone.


Mother Nature is a friend to all of us!  Why not celebrate National Friend Week with an outreach program on how your community can be a friend to the environment?  Showcase everything from how to recycle and reuse to how future generations can protect our planet.  Think of fun and informational ways to highlight your organization and all the good you do for the earth!