Good Paws Good Cause

Sunday, June 2, 2019


Friday, June 21st is Take Your Dog To Work Day!  Here’s a brief history of how it all started.

The day was created and celebrated for the first time on June 24, 1999 by Pet Sitters International. Designed to celebrate dogs as companions and encourage shelter adoptions, the Friday “howl”iday lets pet parents show co-workers (that aren’t pet owners) the joy of dog!

An estimated 300 companies participated in the first event and the celebration grows every year.  Why not turn Take Your Dog To Work Day into an opportunity to also do something good FUR a charitable organization?  Here are some ideas to help this year’s Take Your Dog To Work Day a fun and meaningful event!

For Shelters:
Hold a “food drive” or “supply drive” for a local shelter in need.  Ask co-workers to bring in dog food, treats, paper towels, blankets, bleach, cat litter, toys etc. for a shelter that could really use the help.  Place a donation can in the break room or at the front reception desk and ask everyone to make a contribution. 

For Cancer Organizations:
Go PINK or PURPLE for the day!  Get dressed in the color of cancer you care about!  How about having a lunchtime speaker or health professional come in and talk about cancer prevention?  The American Cancer Society is a great resource and can help organize a Relay For Life fundraiser or cancer awareness effort.  Want to find out more about canine cancer?  Contact the National Canine Cancer Foundation.  They can provide information and handouts on cancer and your pet. 

For Earth Conservation Groups:
Want to find out more about holistic pet care?  Contact a local pet store or Veterinarian office and ask if they can provide some samples or handouts for the day.  Hold aluminum can or newspaper recycling event at the office to raise money for a local green space, Dog Park or other organization.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

National Pet Week Begins TODAY!

Its National Pet Week!  A whole week to celebrate pets and the joy they bring to our lives.  

Our country loves to celebrate national holidays, so this week, I am suggesting a great fundraiser that follows a tradition every small town and big city involves in national holiday celebrations – a Penny Parade!

What is a Penny Parade you ask?  A great community event that shelters can use as a fundraiser. The idea is to hold a traditional parade and everyone watching the parade is asked to bring their pennies to donate to the shelter. Here’s how it works:

  • Talk with your local municipality or government about any permits or rules/regulations involved with wanting to host and hold a parade.
  • Choose and promote your Penny Pet Parade date and time throughout the community by posting flyers in store fronts, involving the media, and working with local businesses, schools and other community groups.
  • Ask local businesses to sponsor floats, tee-shirts or other items in exchange for naming rights or inclusion on all printed materials and advertising.
  • Then, spread the word to pet owners-ask people and their pets to get dressed up and decked out for a “Penny Parade”.
  • Once all of your parade entertainment is in place, organize your groups and logistically plan the parade route (this will most likely be done with local authorities).  Be sure to have a spot in the parade line up for all pets and owners that want to walk in the parade procession.
  • Be sure to have plenty of volunteers and staff ready to act as “Penny” people!  These will be the folks that will carry donation buckets along the parade route and collect the pennies you have asked everyone to bring.
  • Be sure to toss candy to the crowd, and collect your pennies from all the spectators.  You just may be surprised at the “pennies” from Heaven that just may rain down on your parade!