Good Paws Good Cause

Thursday, March 1, 2018


St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday, March 17th.  People love this holiday!!  Luck and leprechauns seem to be on tap when March 17th rolls around! 

So, here is a great fundraising idea for animal shelters, cancer organizations and "green" groups too!  It isn’t a new idea, but it is easy to put together.  Host a ShamROCK-N-ROLL concert or fundraiser! Below are all of the de"tails" on how you can host your own event!

And, if you are in the Pittsburgh area, join us at The Oaks Theater in Oakmont on Saturday, March 17th for SHAMRock-N-Roll with JD & The Squires!!  BUY TICKETS HERE!

How to host your own SHAMRock-n-Roll:
If there is a great gathering spot in your town or city, or a favorite bar or hangout that your target market frequents, approach them to hold a St. Patrick’s Day ShamROCK-N-ROLL fundraiser for your organization. 

Most establishments already have a headline band, group or DJ in place for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, so it will be easy to fit in a fundraiser!  Here is how you can raise some of the “green” stuff for your cause!
  • Ask the restaurant bar/pub to collect a cover charge as a donation to your group or organization
  • Work with the restaurant bar/pub on a “battle of the bands” event – with a portion of ticket sales benefitting you!
  • Host a karaoke contest – contestants would pay a fee (donation) to be in the contest and the restaurant bar/pub could award a free dinner, drinks or gift certificates as prizes
  • Host an Irish song/singing contest.  The winner would be determined by the number of “votes” (donations) made by the audience

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Most of the country is experiencing winter or cold weather.  And, even if you don’t live in a cold climate, February tends to have many of us saying...“I’m tired of winter and want spring to get here!"

So, here are a few ideas FUR February!

Fur Shelters

Host a CABIN FEVER COCKTAIL PARTY!  Let the public know the cats and dogs at the shelter are getting “cabin fever” and need a home – as soon as possible! If your shelter space allows, hold the event at your facility and make it an open house with a “twist” by serving cocktails and appetizers. Be creative and use a photo or outline of a log cabin as the template for your kennel signs or handouts that offer information about each of your four-footed friends.   

Fur Cancer Organizations

WORLD CANCER DAY is February 4th.  Celebrate all month long by promoting a World Without Cancer campaign.  Whether you work to fight breast cancer, colorectal cancer or canine cancer, share facts and figures that illustrate just how different our world would be without cancer as a major health disparity.  Providing information on just how many lives could be saved, how many other diseases could be avoided, as well as a few things everyone can do in the fight against cancer.  Sharing information and resources will engage people to talk and learn more about cancer.

Fur Earth Conservation Groups

Having a SOUPER BOWL PARTY is always a quick and delicious idea!  A soup or chili cooking contest is a fun February promotion that always tastes great!  Invite participants to enter their homemade creations made with all natural and “organic” ingredients.  Create categories and offer prizes!  Most importantly, don’t forget to sell each bowl to make some “green”!