Good Paws Good Cause

Sunday, July 5, 2020

A "Made In America" Celebration

This 4th of July may just be the most celebrated Independence Day yet!  At a time when Americans had to stay apart in order to come together, our country deserves to celebrate!

One way is to celebrate the spirit and the businesses and products that are MADE IN AMERICA and true red, white and blue!  What does that mean FUR your organization?  Some ideas to incorporate during the month of July:

Animal Shelters:

Promote your local groomers, pet supply stores, dog parks and more by creating a special section on your website, in your shelter newsletter or on an electronic sign or board at your facility.  By promoting, advertising and supporting local business, we all win!

Cancer Organizations:

Remember all of the businesses and companies you reached out to and asked to support your annual walk, luncheon, or fundraiser?  Well, now is the time to give back!  Consider having your next event or meeting catered by one of the restaurants that donated to you. Use that local business for your next order of supplies or needs because they were there for you when you needed them.  Remembering supporting LOCAL business is as American as apple pie!

Earth Conservation:

Use July as an America is Beautiful outreach by donating your volunteer time and resources to beautify or clean up a local business as a THANK YOU for being American made.  What a great way to show off your earth friendly finesse and give back to those that are homemade!

Sunday, June 7, 2020


Social distancing will be something our entire world will have to deal with for years to come.  With summer months upon us and folks wanting to be more active, we still need to be careful and many of us may need to stay in confinement for a while longer.  

If the kids are getting anxious and looking for something to do that gets them outside, but close to home, try a neighborhood SUNSHINE DOOR DASH!

Have them make and decorate SUNSHINE door decorations for the neighborhood.  Safely distribute – a quick doorbell ring and go would notify your neighbor of their decorated door!  

And, with many charities in need of donations due to cancelled events and programs, you can encourage your neighbors to BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR.  include a plea for donations to your Animal Shelter, Cancer Organization or Earth Conservation Group.  Simply add the name, address and brief “ask” for a contribution on the bottom of your homemade sign!