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Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's National Dog Day!

Today is National Dog Day!  I encourage everyone to hug and love your dog today! 

The intention of the GoodPawsGoodCause Blog is to help non-profit organizations by providing unique and fun ideas to help raise money and awareness.  It is not a forum for reviews. 

However, I recently came across a wonderful product that has made an impact on my life and in the lives of my dogs - Lenny and Lucy.  I live about 20 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA and the rain this summer has been horrific.  It seems we have a thunderstorm complete with hail, lightening and wind every other day!  I know many people in the Eastern US are experiencing the same kind of weather conditions.

My Lucy is a "Nervous Nelly" - any strange beep, noise, and worst of all storm, sends her into a frenzie!  Her behavior causes Lenny to get upset and the whole house suffers!  I have a Thundershirt.  I have Vetri-Science's Composure - both wonderful products that have worked for us in the past.

But, the newest product I found is by far the best.  First, it is all natural -  Second, it is easy to use - and Third - it doesn't break the bank!

Canine Calm is made by Earth Heart, Inc.  It is a natural remedy mist that is made in the USA.  It helps to soothe dogs during thunderstorms, fireworks, vet visits, grooming visits and more.  It is effective and safe.  The 2 ounce spray bottle has approximately 600 mists which makes it an economical choice at $11.98.

To apply, all you need to do is apply directly to your dog - I spray a few times on her Fur The Earth bandana for long lasting remedy.  Canine Calm is water based so it won't stain clothing or make fur sticky.

With the very first application, Lucy stopped panting.  She was able to sit in the Living Room during the storm and not panic!  My husband usually has to take both dogs to the basement and put on a "shoot-em up" movie to drown out the sound of the thunder.  But, with Canine Calm, we have been able to weather the storm together with less stress and anxiety!

Another great feature - it smells great!  It has Ylang-Ylang in it, so everytime I spray some, I feel like I am at the Spa!  It is light and airy.  The ONLY drawback of the product is the sound of the spray bottle (which is a pump not an aerosle) - it sort of freaks them out - but they have that phobia with all spray bottles. To fix that problem, I use a bandana or spraying directly to bedding or a pillow.

Canine Calm is for sale at  You can get a 2 ounce bottle and a Fur The Earth bandana for $14.99!  A bargin!  You can also purchase directly from Earth Heart, Inc. or in any number of retail locations.  Be sure to check out their other products - Guard Well, Travel Calm and Buzz Guard.

Enjoy NATIONAL DOG DAY!  And, look for our September post that will provide some great ideas for Responsible Dog Owners month!

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