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Sunday, September 3, 2017

National Pet Memorial Day

National Pet Memorial Day is Sunday, September 10th (always the 2nd Sunday in September) and was created by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAPC).

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a pet knows it is a difficult time for the entire family. For many, the passing of a furry friend is like losing a family member.  The average life expectancy of a dog is around 10-12 years and 12-14 years for a cat.  That is a long time to love, care and nurture a living being.

Animal shelters, cancer organizations and earth conservation groups can all use this recognized holiday to promote and create awareness for their organization within the community.  A few ideas: 

Create a Pet Memorial –

If there is a dog park in your community or a green space at your place of business, why not commemorate a pet memorial for your employees, volunteers and supporters? 

For shelters it is a great way to honor those dogs and cats that spent their entire lives at the shelter.  For canine cancer organizations, it is a way to remember all of the canine lives lost to cancer.  And, for earth conservation groups, it is a perfect way to beautify a green space and promote your organization within the community. You may even want to name the memorial after a board member or community leader/volunteer that has been an asset to your organization.

Plant It!

Honor the day by planting flowers, donating and planting a tree or holding a plant sale.  Plant and flower sales are a great way to raise funds and create awareness.  By promoting it around National Pet Memorial Day you will be adding an extra special touch.


Hold a fundraising drive and ask contributors to make a small donation in honor or memory of a pet lost to your organization.  Organize the effort and promote through social media allowing contributors to post photos of pets they have lost.  A great way to engage your constituents, promote your organization and raise a few extra dollars.

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