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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Holiday Open House?

The countdown to Santa’s big arrival begins.  It is a busy time FUR everyone!  One of the advertising and promotional events many retail outlets hold at this time of year is the HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE.  It’s a time to showcase the best the holiday offers – things are on sale; there are specials, giveaways and more!

This December, why not hold a Holiday Open House at your office or at your organizations’ headquarters?  It is a great way to invite the public to find out more about what you do and how you give back to the community.  You can showcase the GOOD that you do fur PEOPLE & PETS!

Here are some ways shelters, cancer organizations and earth conservation groups can hold a Holiday Open House that is festive and fun fur everyone! 

Fur Shelters:

·       Set up a Show & Tell table – let everyone who visits the shelter know about your successful adoptions.  Include any press you may have gotten over the past year along with letters and photos of happy, healthy adopted pets.

·       Include a play area – allow visitors to interact with the pets up for adoption.  Be sure that there is supervision and that only animals that can be on their best behavior are included.

Fur Cancer Organizations:

·       Wondering what to serve?  A holiday standard – a wine and cheese party – is always appreciated and easy to do! If you have a local winery in your area, consider inviting them to participate with a wine tasting.  Low cost and you are connecting with the local community and businesses.

·       Have luminaries – dress a long table or number of tables in holiday colors.  Arrange rows of votive candles across the tables and invite guest to light a candle in honor or memory of a loved one.  For $1 a candle, it will be a beautiful part of your event and raise a few dollars as well!

Fur Earth Conservation Groups:

·       Green is the color of the season and of your organization so use it!  From invitations to décor to the food – be creative and think “green”.

·       Ask a local chef or restaurant to cater or make a natural and organic hors devours for the event

·       Decorate “naturally” with brown paper packages tied up with string to fresh pine tree boughs as your table centerpieces.

·       Set up a “last minute gift” table and offer homemade/handmade holiday goods.

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